Tribal Naga Pieces

Our tribal collectable pieces are hand selected and museum quality. We offer Naga necklaces and hair pins which are up to 70 years old. There are a limited amount of these rare and beautiful pieces and they are displayed at our trade shows.

Hill Peoples of northeast India in the years before Indian Independence in 1947, the Nagas came to exemplify an exotic society. Although sharing many social and cultural traits, such as feast-giving as a means of acquiring status, the thousands of small Naga villages, perched on isolated hills in the sub-Himalayan region bordering India and Burma seem to be very different from each other.

They adopted different political systems and spoke more than a dozen mutually unintelligible languages. Appearing to be both one people and many tribes, the Nagas displayed both unity and diversity in their dress and ornament. This vibrant material culture is typified in their jewelry.

Today tourism and industry are restricted in the Nagaland. The region is 90% Christian, with scattered pockets of animists. Their culture has been preserved mostly in the tradition of their ceremonies and their dress.

CULTURE SHOCK is proud to bring you necklaces and hair sticks from the Nagas. Each piece is hand selected , based on condition and availability. We preserve them in their original condition. Located along the Horse and Tea route between China and Africa the jewelry of the Nagas combines an array of trade beads. The materials are various, including indigenous beads, African white hearts, Venician glass, old coins, cowrie shells, or conch shells. As far as we know, there is no symbolism to our Naga pieces, although shell denotes very high status. The necklaces are museum quality and up to 70 years old. We hope that you will enjoy their uniqueness.


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